Design Build

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is “one stop shopping” that encompasses design and construction. It is the method of project delivery in which a client contracts with a single company who takes responsibility for the full spectrum of design and construction services required to complete a construction project.

Design/build establishes a realistic plan for affordable results and a single point of responsibility from concept to completion. It also creates a greater level of control to mandate value, service and performance. It allows your project to be professionally designed while keeping a close eye on your budget.

Rob and Robin are both very gifted and very good at what they do. We couldn’t have done a remodel like we did without their help in design, fixtures & hardware.”

It also benefits clients by establishing project controls, aggressively scheduling every phase of the project and ensuring that all financial, quality, safety, startup and related objectives are met. We will work with your homeowner’s association to obtain the necessary approvals and we will work with the local building authorities to make sure that your project is built according to the appropriate state and local regulations.

The integrity of the process of working on your home – both physically and emotionally – is very important, you have entrusted us with your most prized material possession. When working with Curb Appeal Renovations, the process always follows organized stages, from your initial call, design process, construction, and exit interview. This process ensures clear communication, trust and expected milestones for both parties.

Our Step-by-Step Process

We firmly believe that clear and consistent communication is the key to a smoothly-run project. The stages of the process are as follows:
1. Initial Contact
When you call our office, a member of our team will go into detail with you regarding your project and the next step.  Please expect to spend a minimum of 20 minutes on the phone with us during this call and answering in depth questions.  At the end of the call we will ask you if you if you feel there is a fit and what is involved to go to the next step.
2. Initial Meeting
After the initial call with our office and agreeing to the next step, our meeting will be scheduled approximately 1-2 weeks from your initial call depending on your schedule and ours.  All decision makers are encouraged to attend so we can discuss in detail your needs, project investment, past experiences, and expectations; then we will introduce how we work with our clients and at the end of our meeting we will decide if there is a fit.  If you feel there is a fit and we all agree that the scope of your project fits both of our expectations, we will discuss the next steps and what is involved.  If structural, physical layout changes or there is a complexity of new design selections required, we may require the client to sign a Design Agreement.  The cost of this Design Agreement varies based on the project and is credited back to you when you sign a construction contract.
3. Design Stage
During the design stage we perform the following items related to your project: measuring, space design, material and fixture selections, and at the end a detailed proposal is prepared. During this stage we literally walk you through each step, we do not send you out to make all your selections by yourself, our designer goes with you. We make recommendations based on how you live your lives, how you function in your home and how you want your home to perform. We also take your design ideas into consideration when pulling together the design for your home, listening to your wants, needs and desires; while always keeping in mind that there is a budget we need to keep your project within. People frequently ask how us how long this process takes, this factor depends on a lot of things: how big the project is and how often you can meet and how quickly you can make decisions.

“The employess were very respectful, very nice, and very professional…extremely good at what they do and the quality of work was outstanding!”

4. Pre-Construction Meeting
Our Production Manager and team members accompanied by Rob the President, will meet with you at your home about one week before construction begins. This is their opportunity to get the “lay of the land”, set the project expectations and any answers you may have.
5. Construction
Here is where it gets fun! Your hard work during the planning process is completed and now you can sit back and let the project happen. Our crew will provide you with smiles, measurable daily progress, and the cleanest and safest job site possible.
6. Substantial Completion Walk-Through
On the substantial completion day, we will do a walk-through with you to create and sign a final Punch List of items to be completed. It is our goal at this point to have a zero punch list as we are working hard throughout the project to make sure every detail is covered.
7. Project Completion
WOW! This is what makes it all worth the effort, though some clients describe missing the crew and experiencing a sort-of “post-remodeling depression.” The best remedy is to start planning the next project!
8. Exit Interview
Quild Quality, a third party survey company, will be contacting you within a couple weeks after your project is complete to survey you regarding your project. They will again contact you a year after your project to see how you’re loving your remodeled space! We greatly appreciate your input as it helps us improve.
9. Two Year Warranty
You will be called and/or emailed after your project (2 weeks, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 23 months) to see if there are items that need our attention. We will also do site visits after your project is completed to see if there are items that you do not see that we do, that may need our attention.